Save the planet - go organic!

Saturday 04 September 2010

We’re celebrating Organic Fortnight at Pili Pala Childrenswear.  The two week campaign organised by the Soil Association runs from the 3rd to the 17th of September and aims to highlight the benefits of going organic.  Being a company which produces organic childrenswear we’re ready to party!


When we set up Pili Pala we were keen to ensure that our environmental impact as clothing manufacturers was kept to a minimum.  We’ve therefore been very careful to select organic cotton and recycled fabrics for our clothing ranges – all of which are produced in the UK.  We believe that fashionable clothes shouldn’t be produced in sweatshops or compromise the health of the people or the places involved in producing them.  If you’d like to learn a little more about the benefits of organic cotton take a look at this page.


If, like us, you fancy marking the fortnight with a bit of a celebration, the Soil Association has a few handy ideas about how you can turn a deeper shade of green!  We’re going to town and baking a cake made from organic ingredients (not that we need an excuse to bake mind you!). 


Now, pass me another organic chocolate to go with the organic wine!

Save the planet - go organic!

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