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Northern charm!

Thursday 14 October 2010

There’s something special about the Rheged Centre in Cumbria.  An award winning day out, it’s also Europe’s largest grass covered building.  Designed to resemble a Lakeland hill, the centre is home to 10 shops, outdoor and indoor play areas, craft workshops, a conference centre, a 3D digital cinema and the all important cafe. 


The shops at Rheged take pride in stocking things that are a little bit different and offer a choice of products that aren’t found on many high streets.  Their newly refurbished children’s store has just become that little bit more special as they’ve become one of our stockists.  Rheged is also the first store to receive delivery of our 2011 collection – a mix of rich red outfits and vibrant red and navy stripes.  The kids of Cumbria are looking mighty fine in their trendy outfits.


So, the next time you’re heading to the rolling hills of Cumbria, or if you’re lucky enough to live there – pop in to the Rheged centre for a cuppa and some quality retail therapy!  

Northern charm!

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The great outdoors!

Friday 24 September 2010

The nights may be drawing in and there may be a nip in the air but the call of the great outdoors has never been louder.  With piles of leaves to run through and shiny brown conkers to collect it’s a great time to pull on some wellies and get out there!  Building a den or playing hopscotch on the pavement - hurtling around in the fresh air gets the blood pumping and blows away the cobwebs!


Playing outdoors is hugely beneficial to the physical and mental health of children of all ages yet there’s increasing evidence that we’re doing less of it.  We’re therefore lending our support to the Love Outdoor Play campaign – a great initiative which encourages people to get together within their communities and look for ways in which we can all help children play outdoors safely.


Daniel Raven-Ellison, one of the Love Outdoor Play’s organisers explains the aims of the campaign: “We are asking people to take a very simple action. Make or get a Love Outdoor Play sticker and put it up where you live or work. Research shows that in many communities we’re afraid of what other parents will think of us if we let our kids out to play or walk to school. By putting a sticker up you not only show that you support outdoor play but can start a conversation about how play can be improved for children where you live”.


So, come on, get involved, sign up, make a sticker and get out there and explore!

The great outdoors!

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Camping or Glamping?

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Do you rough it with not much more than a toothbrush and a sleeping bag? Or do you pack the duvet, air bed, wide screen telly, toaster and fill every possible space in the car with ‘essentials’?  Whatever your style, we love camping!


We have a few favourite camp sites around the country and frequently check out the pages of Cool Camping - Kids for destination ideas.  One of our favourite camp sites is Naturesbase in Cilcennin, West Wales.  Imagine a field with thigh high grass and wild flowers, then imagine a great big patch of cut grass and a path cut out just for you and your tent – that’s Naturesbase!  A warm welcome awaits and they even provide you with a fire pit to encourage you to build your own camp-fire for the all important marshmallow toasting session!  Check out www.naturesbaseholidays.co.uk and tell them we say hello – we’ll be back soon!


We also love drooling over the pages of the Happy Campers book which if full of fantastic ideas about how your camping holiday can be turned into a brilliant adventure.  From tips on what to take to recipes and games, it’ll have you searching for your torch and packing your wellies before you reach the second chapter.  Take a look here for their tips on how to cope with little ones and camping!


Pili Pala has some seriously cool wardrobe ideas for your camping trip too – our velour harem style trousers are great with wellies as you don’t have to tuck anything in!  For sunnier days, our stripy shorts are firm favourites – wellies or barefoot!


Now, where did we put that air bed....?

Camping or Glamping?

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A Change of Heart

Monday 23 November 2009

Those of you who have been on my website recently might have noticed my new price points. I am please to announce that after carefully examining my unit costs I was able to lower my prices to what I would call a more middle market. From a business perspective this might seem very foolish but I truly believe it will help Pili Pala become more sustainable. They say the first rule of selling is to sell what you know.  Many years of business experience I do not have, but I do have a real good understanding of children's clothes. As a consumer and as a mother, I also believe I have an understanding of the market that I am selling to.


If I'm honest, I had a hard time relating to my original price points. I know that there is a very successful childrenswear market out there who's price points are even higher than my original prices. This at  the time reassured me, but I didn't understand it. Organic, ethical, and recycled clothing does cost more to produce but I try as I might, I still couldn't relate to the consumer who would easily spend £24 pounds on a jersey top for their child . Because I couldn't understand it, it really started knock my confidence and if you don't have confidence in what you are selling...well..you might as well close shop... I am therefore SO happy to announce a leaner, trimmer, healthier Pili Pala. With absolute confidence, I am happy to say that with Pili Pala Childrenswear, not only are you getting quality and style but also at a price a mother can understand. Mozel Tov!

A Change of Heart

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What is it with Kids and Stripes?

Wednesday 04 November 2009

These days I have been working flat out on my next collection for Pili Pala and in the height of my enthusiasm I've come to discover that I have a healthy obsession with striped kids clothing. Those of you familiar with my current collection will not be surprised that stripes will be making another Pili Pala appearance for SS10 / AW10 . There is something about those crisp,clean, bold lines that fills me with sheer joy. Tractors and  ladybirds are all very nice but show me a good pair of stripes and I'm all over it.  Perhaps it has something to do with my Danish blood. Danish kids designers have perfected the stripe (note Katvig) and in my own way I suppose Pili Pala is paying homage to my motherland...but then there is the cute factor...kids and stripes...scores pretty high in my book. So yes...I am happy to announce that stripes won't be going out fashion next season. Timeless, classic  and lets face it, looks good on just about any kid...stripes are here to stay.

What is it with Kids and Stripes?

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