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Bonkers about Conkers!

Tuesday 05 October 2010

We’re busy collecting conkers this week.  We spend ages scavenging through leaf litter under the huge Horse Chestnut trees to find the spiky green balls.  Minding our fingers we carefully peel back the prickly shell to reveal the brown shiny seed. It’s one of the great joys of autumn!  We don’t know about you, but we also love wandering through the woods, collecting bright orange leaves to make collages and running through the puddles of leaves everywhere.  When the rain stays away, it’s a great time to be outside don’t you think?


So, back to conkers.  We’re out and about searching for the biggest, fattest ones. We then line them up and select our best ones ready for a conker battle.  By the way we’re not allowing any sneaky tactics involving vinegar dunking or nail varnish to harden them! We’ve just been making a hole through the middle(ish) and threading shoelaces through them before going for gold and taking it in turns, walloping each other’s until someone wins!  Great fun!


Go on, send us your conker battle photos to news@pilipalachildrenswear.com


Bonkers about Conkers!

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